Micro-tips: Lightroom Global Adjustments

Global adjustments

  • ¬†Highlight -100
  • Shadow 100
  • Hold down ALT and drag White slider to the right until something appears
  • Hold down ALT and drag Black slide to the left till black sillouttes starts to appear
  • Boost Contrast and a bit of exposure
  • Add a bit of Clarity
  • Lens correction:
  • Profile:
    • Select Enable Profile Correction
  • Color:
    • Remove Chromatic abberation ON
    • Defringe amount to middle of the slider for both
  • Manual:
    • Vertical transform to around -10 to -15 to adjust verticals to straighten up
  • Effects section:
    • Post Crop Vignetting – bring it back to around 25-30%
    • Select Constrain Crop

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