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Micro-tips: Lightroom Local Adjustments

  • Use paint brush and with Exposure +ve or -ve, paint a part of the photo either light up or brighten up that part.
  • For each adjustment use a New brush each time.
  • Press O to see the affected areas. It will be highlighted in Red.
  • If you’ve overdid the paint brush and affected areas of the photo you don’t want to be affected, click on the Erase and then simply remove the areas you don’t want to be affected by the paint brush.

Micro-tips: Lightroom Global Adjustments

Global adjustments

  • ┬áHighlight -100
  • Shadow 100
  • Hold down ALT and drag White slider to the right until something appears
  • Hold down ALT and drag Black slide to the left till black sillouttes starts to appear
  • Boost Contrast and a bit of exposure
  • Add a bit of Clarity
  • Lens correction:
  • Profile:
    • Select Enable Profile Correction
  • Color:
    • Remove Chromatic abberation ON
    • Defringe amount to middle of the slider for both
  • Manual:
    • Vertical transform to around -10 to -15 to adjust verticals to straighten up
  • Effects section:
    • Post Crop Vignetting – bring it back to around 25-30%
    • Select Constrain Crop